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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LED or LCD displays ????

LED-backlit LCD TVs differ from conventional CCFL-backlit LCD TVs in the following:

  • They can produce an image with greater dynamic contrast compared with CCFL-backlit LCD TVs. 
  • With Edge-LED lighting they can be extremely slim. Current models on the market can be approximately one inch thick. 
  • They can offer a wider color gamut, especially when RGB-LED backlighting is used. 
  • Lesser environmental pollution on disposal. 
  • Higher cost due to current market product placement. 
  • Generally have a lower power consumption in the realm of 20-30%. 
              LED-backlit LCD TVs are considered a more sustainable choice, with a longer life and better energy efficiency than plasmas and conventional LCD TVs.  Unlike CCFL backlights, LEDs also use no mercury in their manufacture. However, other elements such as gallium and arsenic are used in the manufacture of the LED emitters themselves, meaning there is some debate over whether they are a significantly better long term solution to the problem of TV disposal.
                Because LEDs are able to be switched on and off more quickly than CCFL displays and can offer a higher light output, it is theoretically possible to offer very high contrast ratios. They can produce deep blacks (LEDs off) and a high brightness (LEDs on), however care should be taken with measurements made from pure black and pure white outputs, as technologies like Edge-LED lighting do not allow these outputs to be reproduced simultaneously on-screen.